Cicero speaks for you.

A managed, custom newsroom serves you and the media.

Cicero is a complete online media management and communications service that combines beautiful design with content-rich pages. You'll have all the tools you need to build stronger media relationships while promoting your brand identity.

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Cicero speaks for you.

Cicero is more than a product, it's also a service.

Cicero is supported by a dedicated team of PR and journalism professionals who understand both the demands of today's media and the needs of corporate communications. You can focus on media relations and strategy, we'll be your hands to execute your goals flawlessly online.

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Cicero speaks for you.

Don't take our word for it.

While industry accolades don't always reflect the success of a communications strategy,
Cicero sites have ruled national and international awards in design, public relations, communications,
websites and strategy.

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Cicero speaks
to the media.

From publishing your company news, to custom analytics and email
services; Cicero is
your all-in-one media management solution.

Cicero speaks
to the world.

Integrated, automatic translation services allow your enterprise to manage multiple languages in one environment. Cicero Newsrooms help you reach a broader audience.

Cicero speaks
through rich media.

Enriched asset management of audio, video and high resolution photography leads to better positioning and more coverage for your company.

What is Cicero?

Cicero is a complete media management system that provides companies with easy-to-use and easy-to-manage press sites for any sized organization. Cicero is not a cookie-cutter website — it is a customized media hub, designed to help you publish, house, share and track your company news.

What can Cicero do for you?

Cicero's all-in-one media management system includes:
  • Newsroom: Easily manage, edit and publish all your company news, official statements and press releases.
  • Page Builders: Create special pages to house a variety of content, such as photos, videos, special documents and more.
  • Photo Galleries: Upload, manage and organize a large amount of high-resolution photos for all your news and company events.
  • File Management: Archive, manage and track all of your files and data.
  • Communication Management: Distribute your company news to reach the right people via email, RSS or social media outlets.
  • Custom Analytics: Gain a better perspective on your audience with custom site analytics to track every view, click and download.

Cicero is more than a product, it's a service.

We understand that running a website and keeping it up-to-date isn't your full-time job. We take the burden of execution off your plate, and think strategically for you with every addition to the website. We find that even the most tech-savvy PR professionals need a hand in managing their company news to more effectively look at the big picture.

With Cicero, you are never alone. In fact, you are covered by a highly experienced team of PR and journalism professionals who understand the needs of today's media and corporate communications to make sure your message reaches the right audience.

Tech support is also just an email away. Our programmers, designers and client service representatives ensure that your websites run optimally, and you receive the best customer experience.

Cicero's services include:
  • Newsroom Management: Send us your content. We do the rest.
  • Technical Support: We ensure your newsroom is always running flawlessly.
  • Consulting: Let us help you find new ways to use your Cicero Newsroom to best serve your company's needs.
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An infographic from the PRESSfeed 2012 Online Newsroom Survey highlights some large discrepancies between what journalists want from press releases and what PR pros think they want. For example, 75 percent of journalists say they want access to video in a press release, but only 43 percent of PR pros think videos are important to journalists.

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Brands must become publishers! It is a mantra that is heard often, but increasingly it is becoming a reality for marketers. As the search engines continue to evolve their algorithms, the technical SEO tactics of yesterday no longer hold. Instead web marketers must evolve into becoming sophisticated publishing operations.

Why brands are becoming publishers
The publishing industry is undergoing a massive disruption, in which storytelling, advertising, and technology are beginning to intersect. By having unhindered access to social and mobile media platforms, brands are experimenting with paid, owned, and earned media to reach connected consumers in their channels of relevance.

Online newsrooms: a necessity for search and social content strategy
A 2012 survey says online newsrooms are a website necessity for journalists, users, search and social content strategy.The final results of a national survey conducted by TEKGROUP International report the importance of creating and frequently maintaining an online newsroom as a centralized headquarters for an organization.

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